The facilities of the annexed building, called “El Rincón de El Mesón” are modern and have all the comforts needed.

Our country house El Mesón can be rented as a whole or by rooms, so you can plan your vacation with your family, friends or working groups.

El Rincón” can be rented as a place at your leisure, even to groups not staying, to celebrate your events.

It has a large dining room, a cozy lounge and a fully equipped kitchen; It has large fires, oven, dishwasher super-fast period, microwave, refrigerator and full kitchenware


             In ‘Corner to your air’; You can celebrate your events with family or friends; and not staying housed.

Each organizes the menus to your taste, cooking; or if you prefer, you can bring prepared to take food directly in Rincon.

We hope that your stay in our house is to your liking and leave a beautiful memory of Briones and La Rioja.

For any questions, you can contact us via our contact form or at the following phone numbers:
941 322 178 /  670 300 248.