* These prices include daily cleaning of the room, in bed and breakfast

*On weekends, we request at least two days of accommodation.

  Always Consult.

· The price of breakfast still keeping it in 9,50  € “Breakfast Normal” , starting with something salty and fresh orange juice, fruit and yogurt, continue with coffee or tea, and pastries with butter or toast Rioja oil and jams. And only 12 € “Breakfast Special” we add to all this fried eggs with sausage, ham or bacon and wine.


                                 ” Precios por día “

.                Temporada Baja     Temporada Alta

.  Double Room               60                          63

One day of our Breakfasts

. Single Room                48                          50 with bed of 90

. Single Room                50                          53 with bed of 1,50

. Extra Bed                    18                           20

. Breakfast Normal        9,50                         9,50

. Special Breakfast         12                            12

. Complete House          560                         560


· All prices have the I.V.A. included.

· If you want to visit us in High Season: Holy Week, Medieval Days, the months of July and August, Bridges, Christmas or New Year’s Eve, you must make your reservation well in advance, given the high demand for accommodation that occurs on these occasions.

· The rest of the year we consider it as a low season

· If you wish to rent only “El Rincón”, you can contact us for information on availability and prices.

In “EL MESóN” we accept the most frequently used credit cards.
You can make a reservation on the next phone numbers:

Phone: 941 322 178 · Mobile: 670 300 248

If you are interested in a booking please fill out the form below and we will contact you: