In order to ensure maximum cleanliness and hygiene of our facilities.

At El Mesón, we have decided to adopt a policy of not admitting any type of pet. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause to some of our clients.

According to the law Ley 42/2010 of December 30th of 2010 about health measures against smoking, we remind you that smoking is prohibited within the house.

We particularly urge the strict observance of this law regarding the rooms and their bathrooms, both to avoid the smell of smoke that can impregnate everything in the room, possibly unpleasant for next occupants, as for the danger that someone could fall asleep with a bunrning cigarette.

We inform you that both the reception zone and the living-room and dining-room zone have immediate exit to the garden area, where whoever wants to smoke, can do it freely.

When you get to your room late at night or if you get up early in the morning, remember that other guests may be resting. Please, do not talk loud, mainly in the corridor that leads to de bedrooms.

Sometimes, we forget this, without malice, when we travel in group and come late at night talking about a happy day with the family or friends.